jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013

❀ How to: Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows.

The secret to a perfectly shaped eyebrow can be summed up in 4 points… or rather 4 lines: the beginning, the highest point of the arch, the end and where it all comes together.

The inner edge of your brow should line up with the outside of your nose.
The highest point of your arch should be where the diagonal line extending from the outside of your nose to the outside of your pupil would hit.
The outer edge of your brow should taper off at the point where your eyebrow and the diagonal line from your nose to the outside corner of your eye would intersect.
The bottom of the inner and outer edges of your brow should line up horizontally.
But before you get  in front of that mirror,  to achieve amazing arches
You need this:

BRUSH: The brush is really the hero of beauty tools.  for separating eyelashes and removing mascara clumps, and you can also use it on your brows to brush the hair up.

SMALL SCISSORS: After you’ve brushed all the hairs in one direction, snip any strands that are noticeably longer than others. And always cut across the top of the brow, never down. 

BROW PENCIL: Before you begin to pluck, give yourself a guide. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil. One of my fav pencils is the L’Oréal Brow Shaping Pencil.

TWEEZERS: The most important tool is, of course, a sharp pair of tweezers. will allow you to pluck with precision just like the pros.

with these tips you can achieve shapely brows.!Angela.

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