lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

❀Shaping Your Face According To Your Face Shape.

You have seen that makeup can do miracles. It is all about knowing how to do it. So today we will see the steps leading to the perfect makeup which will shape your face, showing the best parts of it and making the ones you don’t like less noticeable.
Before you begin, which is the funny part, you need to take your time and find out what kind of shape your face has. This is maybe the most important step because the whole process is based on it. So, there some basic types of face shape- heart, round, square and oval.

You have the HEART SHAPE  if you have a wider forehead and smaller chin. In this case your cheekbones will probably look bigger, so the first thing to do is to make them smaller using rouge. A very good trick to make your forehead look smaller is to put rouge or bronzing powder on its boundaries where your hair starts. When you combine these two steps, you will draw a frame on the top part of your face which is bigger and it will look thinner and smaller. You may also put lighter foundation or powder in the middle of your chin which will make it look more convex. The best colors for the lips are the delicate tones of pink and red.

THE ROUND SHAPE is characterized by forehead which is as wide as the lower face, and most probably big cheekbones. The main goal of your makeup is to create an “astir” form of your face. First you need to make your face look thinned using bronzing powder or rouge. Don’t be afraid to use a little bit more of it! Then to create even more relief, take some bright foundation and powder and put around your eyes and at the top of your cheekbones. Some other tips are: underlining you eyebrows- in order to create more shapes, using smoky makeup for your eyes.

THE SQUARE FACE SHAPE has angular chin and forehead. For those of you who have this shape, the best thing to begin with is to form a frame around your whole face. You must use the forehead tip for heart shape faces to make your features softer. The same thing is done with your chin in order to make it look rounder and thinner.  The best colors for you are the soft and sweet tones of pink. You must not use very aggressive makeup at all.

If you have the OVAL SHAPE your forehead and lower face are of the same width but your face is long. When it comes to rouge, the best way to put is in horizontal and the color is not of such importance. Ladies with oval face shape are free to experiment with their eye and lip makeup and can put a little bit more if they like it.

**The best rule about makeup you have to remember is that you must use a darker color on the parts of your face you to make look smaller and lighter on the parts you want to look bigger...Angela.

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